Early Enrichment Program Online

Little Indigo’s Early Enrichment Program™ is a multi-dimensional whole brain stimulation and developmental program that helps to nurture the executive functions of young children and build strong foundation on their life skills.

Our online Early Enrichment Program for 4-6 years old children facilitates the live sessions with

  • Interesting and stimulating content
  • 3-way interactions (Students – Content – Trainers)
  • Encouraging Parents involvement

Multidimensional Cognitive Exercises and Stimulation through 25+ activities per session per week

Lesson are structured for Child appropriate, Stimulating experience, Engaging, Interactive, Fun, and Effective Brain development

1 year program with 48 live sessions on weekly 1 hour session basis, 1250+ activities that covers 100s of different concepts

After every live sessions you will have access to 20+ interactive activities for every week  to practice at home. Worksheet and other guidance will be provided.

Every child has the potential to become a genius, modern science reveals the genetic turn on/off switch is largely depends on child’s early experiences.
Our job is to make the parents realise that, and travel along with them to bring-up that potential in their children.

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