Early Readers

Early readers are effective learners! Start before school and be cool!
Learning to read is one of the essential tasks of childhood.

Little Indigo Kids Academy’s exclusive Little Indigo Early Readers programs are designed and available for children in the age group between 2 to 4 years. The program focuses not only on reading, but also on writing and communication skills.

These programs help the children to start reading even before they start their regular schooling, thereby boosting their confidence and enabling their lifelong academic and social success.

LIKA is a great experience. They give us a different view to learning. The learning is for the kid and parent as well.

Mukund Vardhan’s mom – Mrs. Banu Priya
***As your child learns to read, he or she is actually combining many kinds of knowledge and skills***
Our 4 way Training Approach

»  Flash cards

»  Native Reading

»  Multi-sensory

»  Activity Based

Different Stage involved in our training process for Early Readers
Recognising Alphabets
Recognising each letters and corresponding sounds
Recognising Words
Ability to recognise that words are actually formed used using letters and the changes in sounds
Concept of Print Book
Ability to understand what heard / seen is exactly put in printed words
Spoken Vocabulary
Reading became effective for your child if he/she can associate with those spoken words

Little Indigo Early Readers™  program at our centers are conducted in small class sizes with one parent/care giver of each child remaining present within the class for the duration of a session.

  • Weekly 1 sessions – 1 hr per sessions (There are 48 classes in total)
  • Sessions starts at 10 am and ends at 7 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • 1 trainer and max of 3 children for age 2 years and above (1:3 max)


  • Any child between 2-4 years are allowed to be enrolled
  • It is advisable to start the program before schooling, because there are chances that the School may have different teaching approach. However, our program shows exceptional result of school going children as well
  • Parents presents in classroom is optional for children above 4 years
The children in this program will be benefited in the following ways:
  • Through pictures, gather information about a story’s meaning
  • Understand that the actual message comes from the printed text
  • Realize that the reading has to move from left to right across the text
  • Point to words as they develop one-to-one matching
  • Begin to develop phonemic awareness
  • Start reading simple words and sentences, and move to next levels
  • Form their own simple stories with pictures
  • Be exposed to a larger vocabulary list
  • Begin to use more than one reading strategy
  • Start fluent reading of simple, complex words and long sentences
  • Recognize that reading has a variety of purposes
  • Learn the ability to express themselves in a group environment

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