A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you! Check out our testimonials below!

Little Indigo for us is definitely nothing less than extraordinary. The way they mold the kids’ during their early age is just amazing. Personally we have witnessed the transformation in Rithu & Sash – their memory power, conceptual thinking, Problem solving ability are a snippets of what they have inculcated from Little Indigo. More than the concept their approach and focus on each kid is something that excites the parents.

Mrs. Aruna Santhanam
Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Kids with Parents1

Kreyaa has been with Little Indigo since 2 months of age and we are truly happy with her progress and the rate of learning. Little Indigo is loving caring and patient in providing the children with self-confidence and instilling in them a strong love for learning. THANK YOU Little Indigo FOR THIS BRILLIANCE IN KREYAA

Mrs. Sakthi Sujeeth
Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Kids with Parents2

Little Indigo has changed my perspective towards my Son’s education from the day I met the founders. I felt that they redefined education and made us understand the best practices to be followed by a parent. I am always a part of Little Indigo family and one among a proud parent with a Future Ready Kid…

Sashwath Krishna’s dad – Mr. Suresh Kumar
Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Kid Suresh With Dad

I must say Little Indigo has made a big difference in my child’s life. My child has been coming to Little Indigo since he was 1.5 yrs old. Since then it has played a major role in his brain development, communication skills and motor skills. Little Indigo helps the kids grasp things, develop language and motor skills, understands things quickly. There is no better place than Little Indigo for the development of the brain. Thank you Little Indigo

Riaan Rakesh’s mom – Mrs. Mary
Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Kids with Parents3

Little Indigo has added more colours to our Mother-Son relationship. Happy and proud that I have enrolled my son in this academy. They guide the parents on how to focus on child’s early learning and development. Thank you LIKA (Little Indigo Kids Academy) for making the parents to find out the hidden talents of our kids. We love you LIKA!!!

Rithick Varshan’s Mom Yoga Priyanka
Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Kid Rithik With Mom

LIKA is a kid’s friendly world. Both my kids enjoy going to Little Indigo. All their programs are wonderfully designed. The way they take care of each and every kid is mind blowing. I am very proud to be an Little Indigo parent…

Tejasmruthi and Druthi’s mom – Mrs. Anitha Raj
Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Kids With Anitha

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