Almost a Decade of excellence in early education. Beside the regular playschools and kindergarten, new age parents prefer to join Little Indigo because of the awareness about the importance of early years of their children and the unique offerings from Little Indigo that promises Happy, Effective and Successful learner for life time.

Reasons to join with Little Indigo

Enjoy the association and support with group of Early Child development experts. Lots of knowledge sharing will be happening between you and our team in bringing up smart child with smart parenting 👍

Our resources includes articles from Little Indigo Kids Library, Worksheets, Flash cards newsletters and etc., and also Seminars, Group discussions, 1-1 counselling session will be great helpful to your child development journey

Our curriculum and it’s object for all our programs are entirely different from Schools. Designed by Early Child Development experts having Early Brain development as primary focus. Our training methodology is based on Science and delivered through very creative, fun, engaging and multi sensory approach.

That’s what we are hearing from every new parents joining with us. Only your experience would justify our claim

Early years of your child are the great opportunity to influence his/her life time success. To know more about importance of early year click here

Your child will get complete attention. At our centers max of 1:3 trainer child ratio in maintained. For online it would be 1:1 ratio. Because, PARENT-CHILD-TRAINER bonding is essential in building confidence and nurture the innate capabilities of your child.

Besides the top notched technicality and experience, TRUE love for the children is the top most quality and qualification we have.

We 100% assure that you and your child will love to come to Little Indigo Sessions every day. Check below on this same page for our result outcome survey on how programs created changes in children also check what other parents say about their Little Indigo experience

Our focus is on all aspect of child’s development by protecting their nature intend for life long joyful learning. Primarily we enhance children’s cognitive abilities along with emotional well being to excel in whatever/wherever they are going to learn in future

An Early Enrichment Academy that has Proven Potential

Impact of Little Indigo Programs

Here are results of Survey conducted on March’ 2019 with 300 Little Indigo Parents. The survey outcome confirms every children attended our program have benefited to the great extend

Increase in memory and concentration ability 100%100%
Learning skills and picking up new difficult skills 99%99%
Creativity, imaginative and expressive 100%100%
Language and Communication Skills 99%99%
Social well being and General Health 98%98%

Earlier is the Wiser

Nobel prize winning economist James Heckman’s research found that dollars invested in early education have the greatest return on investment.

Early Childhood Education Little Indigo Early Investment Chart

Use it or lose it
Around 10-12 years age only those Brain connections (Synapses) that are frequently activated are retained. Other connections that are not consistently used will be automatically pruned or discarded so that the active connections can become stronger while the passive cells can gradually and naturally die. In brain development they refer this “Use it or loose it”

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